Taylor Stitch

I live in San Francisco and recently became aware of a local menswear brand called Taylor Stitch. It’s a group of guys who have put out a line of shirts and ties, and they also have a storefront called The Common, which I visited for the first time just the other day. In addition to Taylor Stitch The Common carries a small selection of outerwear from Aether, pants from Grown & Sewn, jeans from Tellason, as well as bags, watches, belts, and a few other items.

I had a great conversation with one of the guys (Mike) and ended up buying a button-down shirt and a wool tie from them. The tie is a Taylor Stitch brand, although I didn’t see the ties on their website. If you are in San Francisco I recommend you visit them — I doubt you’ll walk out empty handed, as their goods are solid and the service is great.

Gray shirt from Taylor Stitch

Gray shirt from Taylor Stitch

This is not me

The fabric on the shirt is a nice gray chambray, and I believe Mike said it’s from Japan. It was made in the U.S., which is awesome, and the fit is superb. They size their shirts the way men’s jackets are sized, so you can dial in the fit off the rack. Plus, they offer a custom shirt program with a ton of fabric options if you want to go that route. The 40 fit me just about perfectly, but I can see myself taking advantage of the custom program at some point.

Here are a couple of shots of the tie. It’s a nice 2-1/2″ across at the widest point.

The fabric is really great. According to the website, “The fabric is sourced from small bolts of Holland & Sherry fabrics, the prestigious UK woolen merchant that has been operating for over 170 years. ¬†Each tie is part of a 16 step process that occurs in a famed New York tie factory.” I wore the tie the first day I got it and the wife was impressed. I combined it with a red, white, and blue gingham shirt, a navy blazer, some dark denim and a pair of Clark’s desert boots and was all set. Sorry, but I was too busy drinking wine and eating pizza to take any pictures of the full outfit. Maybe next time.

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