Unis Gio — Chinos With Color

For the longest time I never gave much thought to the color of my pants. Typically they would be fairly conservative, such as khaki, gray, blue, or brown. I spent more time trying to add color to my wardrobe through my shirts. There’s nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but lately I have been looking for pants with more interesting colors. One of the brands I came across is Unis (pronounced “YOU-ness,” after its founder, Eunice Lee), and their Gio pants.

The Unis Gio, in oxblood

I tried on a pair at Unionmade in the week after Christmas, but they were out of the oxblood. For some reason this was the color I had settled on, and so I checked out the Unis website. I had tried on a size 33 at Unionmade and they felt good. Normally I’m a 32 but they didn’t have any 32s in stock — the 33 was maybe a little on the loose side, but given the overall slimness of the fit I thought it looked and felt just fine. And I hate wearing pants that feel too tight.

I ordered a pair of the oxbloods in 33 and I’m still waiting on them to arrive. Hopefully they’ll work out since I can’t return them. If I like them I noticed a few other colors that look good, so perhaps I’ll splurge on a second or even third pair.

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